Who passed away in real life on General Hospital

In very sad news on Sunday, actress Annie WerschingAnnie WerschingAnnie Wersching (March 28, 1977 – January 29, 2023) was an American actress. She was known for her television roles as Renee Walker in 24, Julia Brasher in Bosch, and Emma Whitmore in Timeless, as well as the voice and performance-capture for Tess in the video game The Last of Us.https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Annie_WerschingAnnie Wersching — Wikipedia, who starred in the series 24, Bosch and Timeless, and portrayed Amelia Joffe on General Hospital, passed away this morning from cancer. Annie was only 45-years-0ld. Deadline broke the news of Annie's death.

Did epiphany from General Hospital pass away?

“General Hospital” star Sonya Eddy looked out for those she loved, both on and off screen. Eddy's castmates honored the late actress and her character, nurse Epiphany Johnson, in the latest episode of the ABC soap opera Wednesday. Eddy died in December following surgery.

Who passed away in real life on General Hospital

What is Sonya Eddy doing now?

She died in December 2022 at age 55 after experiencing complications from a non-emergency surgery. Announcing the news of her death, Octavia Spencer wrote alongside a headshot of Eddy: "My friend @sonyaeddy passed away last night."

Who was Amelia Joffe on GH?

Annie Wersching

Annie Wersching: Amelia Joffe.


Why is Cameron leaving GH?

It's safe to say that fans were a bit surprised and more than a little devastated back when General Hospital's Cameron announced he had transferred to Stanford University and was leaving Port Charles for California.

Why is Nicholas fired from General Hospital?

In an exclusive statement provided to Newsweek, a spokesperson for Coloma explained the reason Coloma was not returning to General Hospital was simply that his three-year deal had come to an end.

What was Sonya Eddy’s cause of death?

InfectionSonya Eddy / Cause of death

She was 55. Tyler Ford, her producing partner, said the cause of her death, at a hospital, was an infection following nonemergency surgery.


What did Sonya Eddy pass away from?

December 19, 2022, Burbank, CASonya Eddy / Died

Who is the autistic kid on GH?

Easton Sweda

Their child in the show, Leo, is played by Easton Sweda, a young autistic actor.

Who played baby Lulu on General Hospital?

Child actress, Tessa Allen stepped into the role on April 19, 2004, and last appeared on June 17, 2005. Julie Marie Berman joined the cast of General Hospital in the fall of 2005 as a SORASed Lulu, making her first appearance on October 28, 2005.


Is Brooke on GH pregnant in real life?

Brook Lynn is pregnant on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but portrayer Amanda Setton isn't… at least not anymore! The actress left the soap in August 2020 — temporarily replaced by Briana Lane — in order to go on maternity leave to give birth to her third child.

Why was Michael temporarily replaced on GH?

In a tweet, Duell revealed that he will be back taping beginning next week and that Adamson stepped in due to COVID-related reasons. “​​I'm good..

Was nicolas replaced on General Hospital?

In 1999, Nikolas, a wealthy ladies' man, was recast. Coltin Scott played the character from 1999 to 2003 before Tyler and Chris Beteem temporarily stepped in among others to fill in.

Will Steve Burton return to GH in 2023?

After his exit from General Hospital, Steve Burton joined the cast of the popular soap opera, Days of our Lives. He took on the role of Harris Michaels, a new character in the series. In November 2022, it was announced that Burton would be returning to the role of Harris in 2023.

When did Sonya Eddy pass away?

December 19, 2022Sonya Eddy / Date of death

Did Sonya Eddy have child?

It appears Sonya never married and did not have any children. Her death was announced on Tuesday by her Oscar-winner actress friend Octavia Spencer, 52, who hailed her as a “creative angel”.


Is it true Sonya Eddy passed away?

December 19, 2022, Burbank, CASonya Eddy / Died

Is Esme on GH really Ryan’s daughter?

The real jaw-dropper was the reveal that Ryan could talk, move and even stand. The serial killer appears to have been faking his locked-in syndrome from the beginning. Not only is Esme Ryan's daughter, but we learned she came to Port Charles to help her father break up Ava and Nikolas.

Is Elizabeth on General Hospital sick in real life?

The actress has been sidelined by viral meningitis. "Due to illness of Rebecca Herbst, the role of Elizabeth Webber will be temporarily recast by Martha Madison with a first airdate of June 8," a GH spokesperson tells Soap Central.

Who plays the baby on General Hospital?

The Zuri Agency announced that Jay and Joey Clay are playing baby Ace and shared the cutest photo of them on their official Instagram page. The Clay twins are playing Baby Ace on General Hospital!

Is Maxie on General Hospital pregnant in real life?

'General Hospital' star Kirsten Storms clarifies she is not pregnant in real life.

Is Maxie on GH pregnant in real life?

'General Hospital' star Kirsten Storms clarifies she is not pregnant in real life.


Is Amy on General Hospital pregnant in real life?

Despite playing a pregnant Maxie on General Hospital, Kirsten Storms is not pregnant in real life.

Is Michael Corinthos being recast?

Viewers were startled when GENERAL HOSPITAL announced that the role of Michael Corinthos was temporarily being played by Robert Adamson in the June 1 episode. But after sharing a link to the news on his Twitter along with some applause emojis, regular portrayer Chad Duell reassured his fans.

Will Michael Knight return to GH?

On October 13, 2022, it was revealed that Knight is returning to GH as Martin soon. He returned on October 14, 2022.

Why was Nicholas fired from GH?

Unfortunately, due to health issues with his recent Covid exposure, the network graciously agreed that he should not film the remaining few days of the year. "Marcus has been thrilled to bring nearly 300 episodes of the iconic and complicated character of Nikolas back to life.

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