Who is the guy lurking around General Hospital

Starting with “Who plays Marshall on GH?” Robert Gossett made his debut in the role in the Oct. 18 episode of the soap and although initially credited as “Stalker,” the character was later identified as Marshall Thomas Ashford once he revealed himself.

Who is the mysterious guy on GH?

The secret is finally revealed. The mystery man is Franco! Thoughts on Franco's dramatic return to Port Charles?

Who is the guy lurking around General Hospital

Who is the new actor on General Hospital?

General Hospital Recast: Who Plays the New Ethan? Actor James Ryan.

Who is Mr Ashford on General Hospital?

Marshall Ashford is an avid musician and Curtis Ashford's formerly estranged father. Thought to be dead until returning to Curtis' life, Marshall is determined to reconnect with his son in Port Charles.


Who is Sonny’s right hand man on General Hospital?

Season: Sonny Corinthos (Mob Boss), and his Best Friend/Brother Jason Morgan (Right Hand Man) | Steve burton, Best friends brother, General hospital.

Is the boy who plays Leo on GH really autistic?

"That I was there for Olivia, we got this, this is going is going to be OK, and I think she has to then also come to terms with it in her own heart." Their child in the show, Leo, is played by Easton Sweda, a young autistic actor.

What is Marshalls secret on GH?

On General Hospital, Marshall Ashford finally revealed his big secret, the reason why he abandoned his family decades before: He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and didn't want to risk hurting his children.


Why is there a new actor playing Michael Corinthos on General Hospital?

In a tweet, Duell revealed that he will be back taping beginning next week and that Adamson stepped in due to COVID-related reasons. “​​I'm good.. I'll be back filming next week.

Is Michael Corinthos being replaced on General Hospital?

ABC has confirmed to Soaps.com that Drew Garrett is leaving the role of Michael Corinthos on General Hospital. Chad Duell (“Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Suite Life on Deck”) will replace Garret beginning April 20.

Who is the new black character on General Hospital?

GH introduced Portia's brother, Zeke, played by none other than Gavin Houston formerly one of the series stars of Tyler Perry's OWN soapy drama, The Haves and the Have Nots.


Who is Beckett Reed on General Hospital?

Beckett Reed (2022) — Jury foreman in Trina Robinson's trial who Sonny tasked Dex with convincing him to say Trina is not guilty.

Who is Sonny’s fake cousin from General Hospital?

Olivia Falconeri is a fictional character from General Hospital, an American soap opera on the ABC network.

Who are Sonny’s bodyguards on General Hospital?

Along with his brother Max, Milo divides his time between being one of the primary bodyguards for Sonny's sons Michael and Morgan, and being one of Sonny's drivers. Milo and Max were also the main bodyguards for Sonny's wife Brenda and her son Alec before they left Port Charles and returned to Rome.

Is Olivia’s son on GH autistic?

Later this week, Ned (Wally Kurth) is going to officially adopt his wife Olivia's (Lisa LoCicero) son Leo (Easton Rocket Sweda). The show has timed Ned's adoption of Leo, who was diagnosed late last year as having autism, with Autism Awareness month.

Is Elizabeth on General Hospital sick in real life?

The actress has been sidelined by viral meningitis. "Due to illness of Rebecca Herbst, the role of Elizabeth Webber will be temporarily recast by Martha Madison with a first airdate of June 8," a GH spokesperson tells Soap Central.

Who was the father of Brenda’s son on General Hospital?

Alec Barrett is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital. He is the son of the late, mobster, Aleksander Janáček and supermodel Brenda Barrett. Alec was stolen from his mother at birth by his grandmother, Suzanne Stanwyck and was not reunited with his mother until he was 4 years old.


Is Dex the hook person on GH?

'The Hook' moves in to kill Josslyn, but in comes Britt to save the day! She and 'The Hook” go at it and just when the killer is going to strike Britt, a shot is fired. It's Dex (Evan Hofer)! He has arrived on the scene.

Is Cameron leaving GH 2023?

William Lipton exiting General Hospital — but he'll be back

Now, Lipton is speaking out about his future with the ABC soap. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Lipton confirmed that he will be stepping away from General Hospital to focus on his real-life education. Lipton is currently a sophomore at USC.

Why is Marcus leaving General Hospital?

He'll be leaving the show after three years due to health issues. Marcus Coloma announced his departure from ABC's iconic soap opera General Hospital after three years. Earlier, it was reported that the actor refused to film the final few scenes of the series after learning that he would no longer be a part of it.

Why is Michael Corinthos recast?

In a tweet, Duell revealed that he will be back taping beginning next week and that Adamson stepped in due to COVID-related reasons.

Who is recasting Michael Corinthos on General Hospital?

Viewers were startled when GENERAL HOSPITAL announced that the role of Michael Corinthos was temporarily being played by Robert Adamson in the June 1 episode. But after sharing a link to the news on his Twitter along with some applause emojis, regular portrayer Chad Duell reassured his fans. “I'm good,” he tweeted.

Who wears a wig on General Hospital?

General Hospital: Katelyn MacMullen Wears a Blonde Marilyn Monroe Wig for Halloween, Photos | Soaps.com.

Who is Nell and Willows father on General Hospital?

Silas Clay
Nelle Benson

In-universe information
Father Silas Clay
Mother Nina Reeves
Adoptive father Frank Benson
Sisters Willow Tait

Who is Leo’s real father on General Hospital?


Shortly before his birth, Julian finds out that he is Leo's father. After giving birth, Olivia and Leo are taken to the hospital and examined. He is then taken to the NICU, where he stays until his mom and Ned, with the help of Dr. Liesl Obrecht, fake his death.

Is Sonny’s real life son on GH?

Sneak Peek of Joshua Benard's Appearance on 'General Hospital' – VIDEO. Here's a sneak peek of Joshua Benard playing Adam, a college classmate of Josslyn's in today's episode of "General Hospital." Benard is the real-life son of Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos).

Is Michael Corinthos Sonny’s son?

Character Biography

Michael Corinthos is the biological son of Carly Corinthos and AJ Quartermaine. However, Sonny Corinthos adopted and raised him. Michael is the current CEO of Aurora Media and is fiercely devoted to his family. He shares a son, Wiley Corinthos, with the late Nelle Benson.

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