Who is McGonagall’s love interest

Through all her early years at Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall remained on terms of friendship with her old boss at the Ministry, Elphinstone Urquart. He came to visit her while on holiday to Scotland, and to her great surprise and embarrassment, proposed marriage in Madam Puddifoot's teashop.

Who does McGonagall end up with?

After the war, McGonagall and Elphinstone married, but three years later he died from a Venomous Tentacula bite, making Minerva a widow.

Who is McGonagall's love interest

Who is McGonagall’s first love?

Dougal McGregor

Death Eaters killed Professor McGonagall's first love.

During Lord Voldemort's first attempt to take over the world, Death Eaters went on random anti-Muggle killing sprees. During one of these sprees, they killed McGonagall's first love, Dougal McGregor.

Who kissed Professor McGonagall?


Harry watched Hagrid getting redder and redder in the face as he called for more wine, finally kissing Professor McGonagall on the cheek, who, to Harry's amazement, giggled and blushed, her top hat lop-sided.


Did McGonagall love Albus?

Many fans have debated the possibility that McGonagall was in love with Dumbledore over the years. That's something we may not ever know for certain since it's mainly a theory, but there is some evidence of there being an unrequited crush on McGonagall's end throughout the books.

Is filch McGonagall’s son?

The answer is: NO.

How old is Miss McGonagall?

This would possibly the character of McGonagall over 100 years old around the time of the Harry Potter books. The official online resource for Harry Potter, WizardingWorld.com, confirms this discrepancy, listing McGonagall's date of birth as 4 October 1935.

Who fell in love first Ron or Hermione?

Wrong nor Hermione. Would admit their feelings. And what made it more difficult is the fact that they both realized their feelings at different times. They both fell in love at. Different times.

Did Snape and McGonagall like each other?

They were some kind of “frenemies” because they led rival houses. Snape's opinion seems to matter a lot to McGonagall. He is the one she wants to beat at Quidditch because otherwise he will gloat.

Why did McGonagall punish Harry?

Summary. Filch takes Harry, Hermione, and Ron to Professor McGonagall's office to be punished. She accuses them of concocting the whole dragon story to lure Malfoy out of bed and get him into trouble. As punishment, McGonagall deducts fifty points from Gryffindor for each of the three wrongdoers.


Who is the wife of Albus Potter?

Adelena Potter

Adelena Potter (Wife) Albus and Adelena first meet during the Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony and got married during the pairs sixth year at Hogwarts.

Who was Albus Dumbledore’s former lover?

archfoe Gellert Grindelwald

"Harry Potter" Professor Albus Dumbledore (played by a bearded Jude Law) had an intense meeting over tea in the movie's opening scene with his former love-turned-archfoe Gellert Grindelwald (Mads Mikkelsen, who took the role over from Johnny Depp).

Is Mrs Norris the wife of Filch?

Norris is the pet cat of Argus Filch, the caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Mrs. Norris is described as having an unusually strong connection with her master, alerting him to any students misbehaving inside the school grounds.

Does Mr Filch have a wife?

And Filch talks to her like she's a human and calls her "my sweet." It's clear she's a maledictus, married Filch when she was still able to take human form, and then she succumbed to the blood curse and became permanently a cat, but Filch still loves her as his wife. It is the only.

What is McGonagall’s weakness?

Weaknesses. McGonagall is never portrayed as having any particular weaknesses. Her stern facade likely prevents anyone from getting close to her emotionally, with the possible exception of Dumbledore. We are led to believe that she prefers her solitude.

Did Hermione kiss Harry?

Well, in case it skipped your mind, Harry and Hermione shared a kiss – not cause they were in love or dating each other but a manifestation of a Horcrux, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1.


Who all had a crush on Hermione?

She is the love interest of Ron Weasley. Hermione is a student at Hogwarts and is friends with Harry and Ron. Although it is never outright said, it seems that Hermione and Ron had crushes on each other throughout the entire series. However, at first, neither of them would admit their feelings for the other.

Who did Snape love most?

Lily Potter

Severus Snape spent the majority of his life in love with Lily Potter. It is easy to understand why Snape, who had an unhappy homelife as a child, fell hard for the first person to show him love and kindness.

Who was Snape’s favorite?

There were many things Snape actually liked, but probably only one he ever truly loved. Look no further than his Patronus, which remained a doe even after all those years. Though she left this world, Lily Evans never left Snape's heart. For many, it was proof that he had one to begin with.

Did Snape hesitate to fight McGonagall?

Even though McGonagall is the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, she's unable to defeat the Potions master. It show's Snape's power. Yet not only does he refuse to fight back, he also seems to deliberately deflect one of McGonagall's spells into the path of two Death Eaters behind him.

Who is more powerful Snape or McGonagall?

For example, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Snape was reluctant to fight McGonagall when the latter took him to a duel in front of Hogwarts students. Both characters had their strengths, but the last Harry Potter movie proved Snape was the strongest Hogwarts professor.

Why did Albus kiss Hermione?

At one point in the play, Harry's son Albus uses Polyjuice Potion to disguise himself as Ron. When he encounters Hermione, this means he has to kiss her to keep up the charade. Nothing wrong with that.


Who did Voldemort’s daughter marry?

She married Rodolphus Lestrange after leaving Hogwarts "because it was expected of her" to marry a pure-blood. However, Rowling stated in an interview that Bellatrix truly loved Voldemort.

Did Albus really love Harry?

Dumbledore reveals how thoroughly he loves Harry. Harry is brave, and Dumbledore is proud as any father would be. More than that, Dumbledore succumbs to a parent's weakness; he cares more about Harry's happiness and wellbeing than the wizarding world he is trying to protect.

Did Grindelwald really love Albus?

In the words of Monique, “I would like to see it.” According to author J. K. Rowling, beloved Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore and Fantastic Beasts villain Gellert Grindelwald did have a passionate love affair of an explicitly sexual nature.

Is Mr Filch Minerva’s son?

I've noticed several people asking this question online. The answer is: NO.

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