What was Jane Foster’s catchphrase

What did Jane FosterJane FosterJane Foster is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was introduced as a love interest of the superhero Thor Odinson until becoming a superhero in her own right.https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Jane_FosterJane Foster — Wikipedia whisper in Thor's ear? The catchphrase that Jane used out loud earlier in the film was, “eat my hammer”. This was pretty funny all by itself and acts as a good starting point for the one that she whispers in Thor's ear just before she floats off to Valhalla in wisps of gold.

What does Jane say to Thor at the end?

In their attempts, Jane tells him, "She won't be alone," signaling the fact that Thor would take the girl under his wing. Finally, before she passes, she tells Thor to keep his heart open, bringing Jane and Thor's story to a heartbreaking close.

What was Jane Foster's catchphrase

What was Jane’s catchphrase at the end?

Right before Jane's heartbreaking death, she whispers something inaudible into Thor's ear, letting him know that she has "figured out" her "catchphrase" – the god of thunder thinks "it's perfect." Fans on Reddit have flocked to various threads with their own theories about what that perfect catchphrase could be, with …

What is Thor’s catchphrase in Love and Thunder?

4 "First Off, The Name Is Mighty Thor! And Secondly, If You Can't Say Mighty Thor, I'll Accept Doctor Jane Foster! And Thirdly, EAT MY HAMMER!" — Mighty Thor.


Who is Thor’s daughter?

Behind the Scenes. Love, being the adoptive daughter of Thor, is appropriately played by Chris Hemsworth's daughter, India Rose Hemsworth.

What was Lady Thor’s catchphrase?

And if that's still too hard for you, you can call me Dr. Jane Foster! And one last thing: EAT MY HAMMER! Jane Foster : [says her catchphrase] Catchphrase!

Why was Mjolnir killing Jane?

In the comics, whenever Foster turned into Mighty Thor, Odinforce would negate any chemotherapy received. Hence, turning back into a human form meant cancer returned aggressively, killing her slowly.

Do Jane and Thor have a child?

History. Torunn is the daughter of Thor and Jane Foster. She's a member of the Next Avengers. When she was a a child she's been looked after by her mother after Thor leaves on an important mission.

Why is Jane’s hair blonde?

As MCU fans have just pointed out, Jane Foster's hair literally turns blonde after Mjolnir picks her to become the Mighty Thor, implying that one of Thor's many powers is a great head of golden hair.

What is Thor’s famous catchphrase?

One of Thor's most famous quotes, the “friend from work” line in reference to the Hulk, was actually suggested by a child visiting the Thor: Ragnarok set the day it was filmed!


What is Thor’s tagline?

Not every god has a plan. The one and only.

Do Thor and Jane have a child?

History. Torunn is the daughter of Thor and Jane Foster. She's a member of the Next Avengers.

Why did Thor adopt his daughter?

But when he reaches that cosmic being, he chooses to use his wish to resurrect his daughter right before he dies. Jane Foster promises Gorr with her own dying breath that Thor will take care of the child, and Thor, now heartbroken and alone, chooses to adopt the child.

Did Mjolnir call Jane?

But in the new film, Thor: Love and Thunder, Mjölnir is back, and, like a fickle pet has chosen a different owner: Thor's ex-girlfriend, scientist Jane Foster. Indeed, the hammer calls to Jane (Natalie Portman), who is undergoing chemotherapy to treat Stage 4 cancer.

What was Thor’s first line?

"When I'm king, I'll hunt the monsters down and slay them all!" — "How is she?"

Who is Thor’s wife in Marvel?

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #102 (March 1964). She is based on the Norse goddess Sif. As an Asgardian warrior and lover of Thor, Sif often accompanies him into battle.


What did Jane whisper to Thor?

What did Jane Foster whisper in Thor's ear? The catchphrase that Jane used out loud earlier in the film was, “eat my hammer”.

Who does Thor marry in Marvel?

Thor and Amora

Once, though, Thor did willingly consent to a relationship with the Enchantress. They were married in an alternate future where Thor conquered Earth and became Asgard's king.

Did Jane wear a wig?

The lovely Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane, returned with her head partly shaved, so I had wigs designed to portray her regular “Jane” look. She had to sport the wigs 16 hours a day. While she was on set acting, I would be prepping another wig for her next look.

Did they make Jane look taller?

She worked out for over ten months, but there was one factor she couldn't prepare for: sprouting up nearly nine inches to resemble Thor's height. Here's how they were able to make that happen: Israeli-born American actress, Natalie Portman.

What is Mighty Thors slogan?

First off, the name is Mighty Thor. And secondly, if you can't say Mighty Thor, I'll accept Dr. Jane Foster. Thirdly, eat my hammer!” – Mighty Thor.

What was Mighty Thor’s final catchphrase?

What Jane Whispers To Thor: Her Perfect Superhero Catch-Phrase? Ironically, the best MCU superhero catchphrases do tend to be quite cheesy, with "Hulk smash" ranking highest, and Thor's "this ends here and now" feeling like a bit of a joke at his expense, even if it is fun.


Does Jane marry Thor’s dad?

Thor and Sif eventually rescue Foster and return her to Earth, where she marries Dr. Keith Kincaid.

Who was Thor’s favorite child?

In his youth, Magni would quickly come to be regarded as Thor's favorite child.

Did Thor make Hela pregnant?

Modi Thorson was the son of Thor and the goddess of Death, Hela from the Ultimates timeline. The story of his conception and birth begins with the aftermath of an event called Ultimatum, which is also considered to be one of the worst event comics ever.

Why did Mjolnir react to Jane?

However, the film also implies that the hammer only sees Jane as worthy because Thor unintentionally revised the rules of Mjölnir, giving it the power to protect her. Captain America didn't need anything special for the hammer to see him as worthy – he's able to wield it without issue in Avengers: Endgame.

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