How old was daemon when he died

49Daemon was 49 when he died. Unlike Aemond's body, however, Daemon's was never found. Singers say that Daemon lived to spend the rest of his days in secret with Nettles, but most historians disagree.

How old was Daemon Targaryen?

Prince Daemon Targaryen is in his late 20s in the pilot episode, while actor Matt Smith is 39 years old. By the time episode four of "House of the Dragon" made another jump ahead in time, Daemon should be around his early 30s.

How old was daemon when he died

What is the age gap between Daemon and Rhaenyra?

a 16-year

Daemon is, of course, younger than Rhaenyra's father Viserys, but he's still significantly older than her: in the books, there's a 16-year age gap between Rhaenyra and Daemon.

How did daemon died?

As the two dragons struggled in the Battle Above the Gods Eye, Daemon plunged from Caraxes, wielding his sword Dark Sister and stabbing it into Aemond's remaining eye. Both dragons crashed into the Gods Eye, and Vhagar drowned with Aemond's body still chained to the saddle while Caraxes died on the shore.

Does Daemon Targaryen not age?

He is aging, but the difference in his age is not that important.

How much older is daemon than?

Daemon Targaryen: Born in 81 AC, Daemon is supposed to be four years younger than his brother, Viserys, according to the chronology in Fire & Blood. Matt Smith, who portrays Daemon, is 39 years old.

Why is daemon not aging?

39-year-old Smith (and Fabien Frankel too) have admitted they had no idea how old their characters were supposed to be in their scenes, and in an LA Times interview last Friday, Smith was pressed on Daemon's secret to eternal youth. It turns out his answer is: "He's always eating his greens. Gets lots of sleep.

How old is Daemon and Rhaenyra when they got married?

In 120 AC at the age of thirty-nine, Daemon married again, this time to his niece, Rhaenyra Targaryen, the twenty-three-year-old Princess of Dragonstone.

How many babies did Daemon and Rhaenyra have?

two children

Daemon and Rhaenyra share two children together: Aegon III and Viserys II.

Who did daemon get pregnant?

Daemon shows wife Rhaenyra the message; she recognizes that if Luke's claim to the title is questioned, so could the legitimacy of her three sons with Harwin Strong. Daemon puts a hand on Rhaenyra's belly. She is pregnant with their child.

Why did daemon laugh at the funeral?

It was clear that Leana and Laenor had a close relationship, and she likely would not appreciate her uncle choosing this moment to make a statement while her brother grieves. Daemon laughs at this moment because Vaemond is choosing this moment to guilt Rhaenyra for having children with Harwin Strong (Ryan Corr).

Is daemon abusive to Rhaenyra?

In one of the scenes, Daemon is shown choking his wife, also the protagonist, Rhaenyra. Talking about the scene, Emma D'Arcy, who plays Rhaenyra, attributed Daemon's violence to grief over Viserys' death.

Is Daemon Targaryen abusive to Rhaenyra?

While this is a revelation in and of itself, this sequence also highlights the truth of Daemon and Rhaenyra — he is an abuser and she is his victim, albeit perhaps one who does not see herself as a victim.

Can daemon have kids?

Daemon, Rhaenyra and Alicent have 11 kids among them by the eighth episode, which is set about six years after the "Driftmark" episode.

How old is rhaenyra targaryen in episode 10?

As of the mid-season time jump, Rhaenyra is aged up to 27, then—as of episode 8—to 33. Emma D'Arcy, who plays the older Rhaenyra, is 30.

How old is Rhaenyra and Daemon in episode 4?

By House of the Dragon's fourth episode, Rhaenyra is around 18 years old and Daemon is 34.

Did Daemon Targaryen love Rhaenyra?

Turns out, Rhaenyra and Daemon are endgame, meaning they have a sexually tense relationship, eventually hook up, and get married—which is pretty significant from a power play perspective considering (1) they both want the throne and (2) their Targaryen union is almost sure to guarantee that happens—even though Alicent …

Who is Rhaenyra’s baby daddy?

Jacaerys, Rhaenyra's eldest son, and his two younger brothers have spent their short lives surrounded by whispers that their real father was Ser Harwin Strong.

Who impregnated Rhaenyra?

Rhaenyra was King Viserys I's only living child by his first wife, Queen Aemma of House Arryn. At the age of eight, she was made her father's heir, and grew up expecting to become the first ruling Queen of Westeros.

Was Rhaenyra pregnant when she died?

Rhaenyra has been pregnant with her daughter Visenya since House of the Dragon's latest and last time jump, and it is heartbreaking to see her deal with this loss. The way in which the scene plays out makes it especially disturbing.

Who did daemon loved the most?

Later, in episode seven, Daemon tells Rhaenyra that he and Laena were "happy enough" in their marriage. In that regard, there was far more love between Daemon and Laena than there ever was between him and Rhea, even if it wasn't entirely romantic.

Does Rhaenyra lose virginity with daemon?

According to the accounts of Septon Eustace, prior to her turning sixteen, Rhaenyra lost her virginity to her uncle, Prince Daemon, after he seduced her.

Who did Rhaenyra lose her virginity to?

Ser Criston Cole

We last saw her find out the truth in "We Light the Way" that Rhaenyra lost her virginity to Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel).

Who is daemon favorite daughter?

Rhaena Targaryen (daughter of Daemon)

Who does daemon have a baby with?


Daemon, Rhaenyra and Alicent have 11 kids among them by the eighth episode, which is set about six years after the "Driftmark" episode.

How old are Daemon and Rhaenyra in episode 8?

Rhaena Targaryen: One of two twin daughters born to Laena Velaryon and Daemon Targaryen in 116 AC, according to Martin's books, Rhaena and her sister, Baela, would be around 9 or 10 in episode 8.

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